For Our Prayers

Judy  Judy ongoing health issues

Jim ,  Lung problems (Jenny’s brother)

Isaac & Bethany, Ben & Talitha,  Isaac in Sem; Ben job; Talitha military & life (Christian spouses for all)

Aaron, Jaimie, & Amara For Faith in Christ

Wayne & Linda,  Wayne progressive dementia; Linda caregiver & health problems

Sandy  Sandy MS

Dr. Sarah in Bagdad,  Moslem friend to Christian refugees – that she come to know Jesus

Bo,  Relief from pain & health issues

Susan  Cervical Cancer (Rosalie’s daughter)

Herbert Family Cancer throughout family (Mary’s Friends)Hospi-Wendy

Barbara MS and other ailments  (pastor)

Chinh  Persecuted Vietnamese Missionary (Gary)

Kathy  Testing for throat cancer (Bill)

Kris  Extended Family - Pastor

Jesse & Noah  Jesse Brain Tumors, Noah Colon Cancer  (Patty & Kristie)

Tammy Health Issues  (Bill P  2/23/16)

Natalie Mary’s granddaughter

Wayne Cancer (Don’s Uncle)

Don  Bladder Cancer – Jenny  

Gayle  Cancer & treatment (pineneedlers & Bobbi)

The Johnson Family Family Issues  (Christine)

Don & Jenny  

David (Paul V-10/2/16)  rotator Cuff surgery this Wednesday

Lonnie (Paul V-10/2/16)  Recovering from stem cell procedure on knee

Naomi (Paul V-10/2/16)  Just diagnosed with breast cancer

David Sally Parker – Brother - Alshiemers

Carla Stroke – Candace’s mother

Steven Michael                                 Drugs

Joy Needs heart Surgery  (Anne)

Bill Eyes

Tony Back in hospital  (Bobbie G)

Pat Hopise (Kristy)

Charlette Hip Replacement (Candy)

Alan Test (Candy)

Paul Cancer (Mary)

Father John Pastor

Millie Ann

Marylin Joyce Gill (pancreatic cancer)

Pastor Mason Gary

Baily Alexanders (girl needs heart surgery)

Jenny Joyce Gill – Breast Cancer

Bev Anne (nearing death) 10/16/17

Zack Rosalee – Son in hospital PTSD (11/12/17)

Pastor Ben & Erica Sally – lost 2 baby – 2 cousins





Gil Brian’s uncle passed away away Jan 1 2018

Dianne Kristi – undergoing testing  1/19

Matt Kristi – receiving kidney transplant from Duane J.

Alyce (Reesc) Reesc struggling with addiction

Kieth Kris G - homeless

Linda Caregiver


George Shoulder Pain


Tony (Bobbi G) Kidney Failure

Jeff (Don G)  (recovering from triple bypass)

Nick Mary’s Grandson

Shauna High risk pregnancy – twins

Jeff Stroke – paralyzed – great pain

Patti - Massive Stroke

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