For Our Prayers

Stan & Jean Maddox, Stan eyes & heart; Jean in Rehab home

Bill & Judy Newton,   Judy ongoing health issues; Bill caregiver & health

Bruce Heald, Non Hodgekins Lymphoma  HEALTH (Mary’s Friend)

Jim Wegner , Lung problems (Jenny’s friend)

Ann Witt, Stroke recovery

Isaac, Ben & Talitha, Isaac abroad in military; Ben job; Talitha military & life (Christian spouses for all)

Bella & Isaac Gonzales,   Bella back health; Isaac life decisions

Killian Whelan, Recovering from drug abuse

Marty Hubble, Respiratory problems.   transportation, organization  

Aaron,  Jamie, & Amara Meriwether, For faith in Christ

Wayne & Linda Minde, Wayne progressive dementia; Linda caregiver & health problems

Pam Marti, Cirrhosis, in Hospice, Jenny’s niece

Sandy & Al Corsi, Sandy MS;  Al assisted living (George’s father)

Dr. Sarah AK Ahmed in Bagdad, Moslem friend to Christian refugees – that she come to know Jesus

Bo Cox, Relief from pain & health issues

Kerry & Jeff Willyoung, Jeff recovering from cancer surgery (‘til may); Kerry –caregiver (Max friend)

Allie McDonald, Stage 4 Stomach Cancer  (friend of Bobbie Goode)

Lisa Harper Acute Asthma (Ann’s Friend  - from Vet Clinic)  

Susan Hickey Cervical Cancer (Rosalie’s daughter)

Kay Parch Brain Tumor  (Jenny’s friend and a Pine Needler)

Herbert Family Cancer throughout family (Mary’s Friends)

Eric Ulinger Cousin of Mike Gill – major heart attack

Jack & Mary Hook Mary has stomach cancer – via Max

Tom Bayer Malignant Tumor near lung & Lymph nodes (Don Grotberg)

Barb Lawson MS and other ailments  (pastor)

Tyler Furman In halfway house in CA  (George & Pricsilla’s Grandson)

Chinh Nguyen Persecuted Vietnamese Missionary (Gary)

Jamie Smith Car Accident, Broken Wrists/amputation?  (Ann’s Cousin)

Kieth Davis Lost at Sea  (Mary)

Kathy Plank Testing for throat cancer (Bill Pebler)

Bonnie Fitzsimmons Broken Hip (1/26 – Kristy)

Evan Ripple Juvenile Diabetes (1/26 – Mary)

Kris Grams Extended Family - Pastor

Tyler Pebler Deployment Injury (Dec – Bill Pebler)

Chris & Christine Lakso Financial  (1/28 – Brian Parker)

Tim Kiendel Pneumonia (1/28 – Bill Pebler)

Celeste Boeck Surgery (2/17)

Diana On Life Support (Friend of Ann’s)

Howard Braastad Heart Tests (Mary)

Jesse Horn Brain Tumors  (Patty)

Kristen Palmer Health Issues  (Priscilla)

Ken & Thelma Elliot Health Issues  (Kristy)

Tammy - Health Issues (Bill P)

Harry Hoppe & Family - Death of Alice  (Max)

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